The Meaning of Life

There are so many me’s I could have been.

So many me’s I didn’t choose.

Maybe we were all created with a telos.

Maybe our lives are left to us.


I could have been a soldier, or a drug addict,

a vagrant, a parent, or a physicist.


I especially like Physics-Me.

Physics-Me studies Astronomy and knows

about all of the parallel universes where

all of my me’s exist, and flourish, and do not.


Instead I was chosen for writing,

unable to study any specific area but able

to dream about all of these me’s

I could have been.


Might my telos be to lament my missed me’s?

Hawking says my life’s meaning is to explore

my consciousness and the universe.

It’s certainly true for him.


As a doctor I could have assisted in medical emergencies.

As a teacher I could have instructed the next generation.

As a scientist I could have prolonged lives.

As a statesman I could have helped mold society.


But as a writer, I can only relate to you and others

these thoughts I’ve had in the hope that

you might realize how infinite our options might seem.

But only one life has been written for you.


Maybe I was always supposed to write.

but at the time I always felt like I was

making choices. Maybe your life has been written.

Maybe we still have time to choose.


One comment on “The Meaning of Life

  1. Helen Free says:

    Happy to see you back in the spectrum. Keep on prodding.

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