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is the closest I’ll ever get to drawing a perfect circle. Did you know there is a perfect circle drawing Championship? Yup. There is. My uncle won it a few years ago. They acted proud of him. Not for me, when I won the next year. They wouldn’t let me hang my award on the mantel or rest it on the coffee table. Actually, if I had left it on the coffee table they probably would have “accidentally” mistaken it for another piece of furniture and wiped their perfect shoes on my muddy award. I bragged about it to everyone I could until my mom told me that my teacher called and I shouldn’t tell anyone about the award because it isn’t real and the family made the whole championship up so that my uncle, who’s been through a lot in his life because of his little mental issue, could feel like he won something and now I had taken it from him and I was being obnoxious and I should go sit in my room and think about what I’ve done.


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