My weekend

Spent lunch giving students mental disorders. Diagnosing excitement with ADHD, a loud voice with tourettes. Then I gave my teachers my evaluation sheets. I’m getting tested next week.

I went to sleep 4 different times during Latin but when I woke up I was always where I had been before.

She cries when I’m not with her and she cries when she has a lot of work to do, but she spends her free time out at parties instead of planning or organizing or working.

I’m feeling pretty sick but I came to class anyway- Not because my mom said I had to but because that’s how life works and I know if I miss a day I’ll miss a lifetime.

A man at the Brunch told me: Life is short, make a difference.

This school is cool because when everyone else was scared in the 60s, they left, but this school stayed.

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