Where Dreams Come True

A story about first love

I met my first love in Disney World after freshmen year. We met in a bar-like place. I was listening to the live band try to rehash the 90s when I first noticed her sitting next to me. I couldn’t understand why I hadn’t noticed her before! She was as beautiful as the heavens. Maybe more. I could never have dreamed of someone so beautiful. I asked what her name was, and she replied sweetly with some language I couldn’t understand- French or German or something else. Eventually I came to understand that her name was Fitch Anderlauss. And she was beyond perfect.

When I woke up the next morning she was still fresh on my mind and my heart. I pulled aside the hotel curtain and looked out the window at the Floridian landscape. It pained me to realize that our meeting was more likely an accident than some fantastic encounter with fate. I googled her name, sure that she was a model for some great company. I found nothing helpful on the internet, and realized that I was already forgetting the details. As I tidied up the sheets on my bed, I felt a final, lasting glimmer of hope that perhaps, some night, we shall meet again.


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