My Earliest Childhood Memory

A short, guided free-write

The earliest memory I can recall is crawling under my mom’s coffee table when I was 3 or 4. It was probably about 2 feet off the ground but when I was the size of a child, it was relatively a large coffee table. We have the same carpet now as we did then, though back then it lacked the canine urine it now retains. I remember shimmying my entire body under that coffee table, hiding my limbs inside the confines so that I was completely hidden. The light streaming from a large window radiated off the carpet, giving the underside of the table a great illumination, which allowed me to see that the underside looked nothing like the top. On top- the adult view- a yellow and blue tiled checker board gave the table a pretty, fresh look which, when combined with a large tile flower in the center, gave the whole family room a warm feeling of a tile meadow. The underside, however, was plain wood. As soon as I was underneath, I could see that it was not I who discovered the undecorated surface below. I could see that someone had come before me, and prepared. Lead from a #2 coated the entire plank with circles and circles. No thought. No doodles. All circles.

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