Matrimony’s Dark Side

A person’s wedding day is one of the happiest of his or her entire life. The event’s overarching themes of unity, love, and family present themselves in such excess that they almost drown out the ugly truths.  By the time the bottles of alcohol are cleaned up in the morning, most will have forgotten the grimy details.

An outdoor wedding I went to this weekend exemplified this trend. The next day, no one seemed to remember the way the bride’s flowing dress collected scattered trash and dying leaves as she approached the groom. Nor did they recollect the quantity of cigarettes
smoked by bridesmaids between classic wedding photos, or that the entire maid of honor speech would have had the same effect on listeners had she written “sob for six minutes” on the paper she “read” from.

Of course, had these events not been transcribed, they would be lost forever to time and sober minds. The party’s collective memory holds only the most common aspects of any wedding (i.e. “she wore the prettiest dress!”). As the witnesses move on, the lackluster reality fades, leaving behind a pieced-together cookie cutter wedding.

I only hope my wedding will be as flawless.


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